I'm absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Ai's exceptional services. Ai truly excels in providing a comprehensive and seamless technological support system. They effortlessly identify and address any technology-related issues through their automated checks and background updates, ensuring a hassle-free experience for their clients.

Whether it's a problem with our computer systems or our cloud phone system, Ai takes full ownership of the situation, dedicating themselves to finding a solution. In fact, Ai's ability to resolve complex issues with our cloud-based phone system surpasses that of our actual vendor. They also handle application setup and retrofitting for all our computers, even those that are refurbished and often prone to problems. Ai consistently delivers faster response times and more favorable outcomes compared to the in-house engineers I've encountered in my previous work with a large electronic transaction company.

What truly sets Ai apart is their exceptional customer service. They take the time to deeply understand your business needs and then propose customized solutions perfectly tailored to your capabilities. This level of personalized attention is unparalleled, making Ai the go-to choice for anyone seeking intuitive and bespoke customer service. You won't find this level of dedication and expertise anywhere else. Kudos to Ai for their outstanding support!

Alice M Owner

We have been customers of Ai Technology Professionals for years.  My team and I love working with the guys at Ai Technology Professionals, they are always very courteous and quickly resolve any issues we throw their way.   Tim and the team find ways to stay engaged and provide solutions for our business needs. They provide us with information that pertains to today’s changing cyber security world, putting my mind at ease that they are on top of our security needs.  If you are looking for an IT firm that is professional, proactive, and responsive all at a competitive price, you should give Ai Technology Professionals a call today.

Jaime B Manager

We feel the biggest benefit to us has been the availability and responsiveness of Ai Technology Professionals. With some of our staff working remotely and on various schedules, it was important for us to have technology support outside of normal business hours.  Every time we have called Ai Technology Professionals they have been quick to solve any issues that arise at any time of the day.

We strongly believe that Ai Technology Professionals differs from other IT Support companies that we have experienced.  The biggest difference, is the value that Ai Tech Pros puts on its relationship with its’ customers. I know that Eric and Tim always have our best interests in mind and are not just trying to sell us on the next best thing. We value the relationship that they have cultivated with our company over the years.

If someone is on the fence about making the decision to go with Ai Technology Professionals, I would tell them Don’t Be, it has been the best decision we have ever made and you will not be disappointed.

Charles R. Chief Operating Officer