24/7 Support 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Ai Technology Professionals partners with your company to secure your revenue and keep your business running. Never go without IT service again, because our support is here for you 24/7.

Predictable Cost Predictable Cost

Predictable Cost

Our specific service model is one of the best business decisions you'll make. Always get excellent service and timely solutions. All labor is covered and stays predictable with a simple flat-rate monthly plan.

Built Around You Built Around You

Built Around You

We customize innovative, effective solutions to help your business run smoothly, whether or not you have an internal IT staff. Our IT management is built on efficiency, we know you want your IT to just work and that is what we do.

Aligned Success Aligned Success

Aligned Success

Our technical experts provide the support you need to keep your network up and running so your staff stays productive. Ai Technology Professionals' proactive IT solutions solve problems before they affect your business.


The Ai Technology Professionals team consists of Project Managers, System Analysts, Qualified Network Analysts, Network Administrators, and Desktop Support Technicians. Clients receive years of collective knowledge in innovative IT support. Our team maintains the highest levels of technology and security certifications, so you can be confident when entrusting your organization’s IT environment to us.

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    Tim T.
  • Eric H.
    Eric H.
  • Mishell M.
    Mishell M.
  • Bonnie L.
    Bonnie L.
  • Fiona T.
    Fiona T.
    Sr. Technician
  • Katherine P.
    Katherine P.
    Operations Manager
  • Hunter T.
    Hunter T.
    Support Services
  • Josiah P.
    Josiah P.
    Support Manager Central and West
  • Kyle T.
    Kyle T.
    Support Services
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    Jessa S.
    Support Services
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    Wyllie Y.
    Support Services
  • Amy D.
    Amy D.